Frontview Mirror – "I Ain’t Got Nuthin’ But A Cheeseburger"

“I ain’t got nuthin‘ but a cheeseburger.” That is the quote from one of the alleged victims of the armed robbery attempt by 3 University of Tennessee football players. My heavens! I am no longer amazed that a person’s talent cannot take them farther than their character can sustain them. However, I am constantly amazed at how little character some talented people have. That and the following ten items are things I am thinking about at the end of a very busy but productive week.

  1. Georgia Teach Head Coach Paul Johnson made a $14 million decision last weekend. Going for it on fourth down and potentially putting GT in the BCS was an unbelievable, gutsy move. When asked what would happen if it would have failed, Johnson said “Many coaches find safety in losing in a conventional manner.” When you lose conventionally, you can blame it on the kicker, referees, weather, or something else. Johnson basically was showing that with the game on the line, he wanted the ball and outcome of the game in his hands. I hope all leaders find a home in non-conventional leadership.
  2. This weekend we get the latest installment of Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady. I see the Patriots winning 35-31 in a shootout between these two all-time greats. Pats’ defense is just the better of the two units.
  3. Stanford will beat USC this weekend 21-17. Folks, this is not an upset.
  4. Auburn Tigers will beat the Georgia Bulldogs 38-35 in a crushing defeat in Athens. The Dogs’ defense makes opposing QBs look like Heisman candidates. Stephen Garcia looked like Danny Wuerfful. Ryan Mallet has his coming out party. Jonathan Crompton looked like Peyton Manning. Tim Tebow looked like, well, Tim Tebow. And Chris Todd will look like Jason Campbell before he went to the Redskins.
  5. There is no scientific evidence that Global Warming even exists. However, if it does and we experienced in Georgia this week, I am huge fan of Global Warming! If we get sunny days in the 60s in November, then sign me up for a gas guzzling SUV and a big carbon footprint!
  6. I traveled to Baltimore for a few days this week. Two thoughts – first, I think downtown Baltimore by the harbor is the prettiest big city I have ever been to. Second, have you ever noticed no one ever smiles in an airport. People just spend their lives going places they don’t want to go or worse, they have nothing positive to come home to.
  7. I wrote about this in my twitter account earlier this week, but if you’re a church that needs help with messaging and communications, there is no one better than Details Communications. They are great friends and do a great job helping churches better communicate the Gospel’s life changing message.
  8. You can’t have creativity without creation. I am concerned that there is a lack of effective creativity in many churches. What we often default to is repackaging the same message in different language. While this “language land rush” can many times turn a phrase in such a way that it engages the unconnected, other times it’s a feeble and lazy attempt of putting a new paint job on an old car.
  9. I love my church, Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA! I had lunch this week with my Associate Pastor Shane Freeman. Great guy. Crawford Loritts, Shane, Matt Farlow, and Tim Beard are just awesome and four of the finest men you will ever meet. Because of their leadership, I am a better husband, father, and man than I would have been without their input into my life. Thanks guys and I’m always praying for you!
  10. Every year I set a personal goal for myself. In 2010, I hope to launch a new concept and product line in the ministry area of small groups. I have the mock-ups and am really excited about how it could connect people by creating avenues where people can share their lives with others. Let’s see what God does with it.

It was an extremely busy but great and productive week. I am getting ready to enjoy a great weekend with my family and enjoy Global Warming in the South.

About Brian Dodd on Leadership

I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.

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