LeBron’s Supporting Cast: How To Build Around A Star

lebron_james resimleri

Miami Heat team president Pat Riley has already earned the 2010-11 NBA Executive Of The Year for signing the LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh.  However, he is showing equal genius in placing the complimentary parts around them with minimal resources available.  The following are his moves:

  1. Drafting 6-10 Dexter Pittman out of Texas, 6-9 Jarvis Varnado out of Mississippi State, and 6-7 DeSean Butler from West Virginia.  At least two will make a solid contribution this year.
  2. Trading Michael Beasley.
  3. Re-signing Udonis Haslem for less money than he would have gotten elsewhere.
  4. Signed free agents sharpshooter Mike Miller, centers Joel Anthony, Zydrunas Ilgaskas, and Jamaal Magloire, and earlier this week power forward Juwan Howard.

As leaders, here are the lessons we can take from Riley when you have a star employee and you’re attempting to build around them:

  1. Character Problems – Trading Beasley was addition by subtraction.  It will remove a potential distraction and allows the team to focus on winning rather than personal agendas. 
  2. Complimentary Pieces – The Miami trio are supreme open court players.  By bringing in a number of players to do “the dirty work”, it frees up James and Wade to do what they do best.  Also, Mike Miller will lead the NBA in 3-pointers next year as he will be the beneficiary of their penetration and passing ability. 
  3. Experience – Four players have been brought in with 10 or more years experience.  Also, the 8-year veteran PG Carlos Arroyo may be the most valuable pick-up of all.  They have all been in high pressure play-off situations before, and they will be again.  These veterans are trustworthy. 
  4. Chemistry – All of the players added by Riley have no history of chemistry problems.  These men are true professionals and have integrated seamlessly into their previous teams.  They will be hard-working and low-maintenance.      
  5. Supplement With Youth – Riley drafted three quality players.  This will provide quality depth and protect the Heat from injuries that will certainly come to their older front court teammates.
  6. Intangibles – Add team members who possess qualities you cannot teach.  Riley has added size, size, and more size.  We can add people who have great people skills, incredible attitudes, loyalty, responsibility, and flexibility.  This is just a few of the qualities that are unteachable which you should be looking for.

Leaders, when you have star talent on your team, are you adding members with character, chemistry, experience, a good balance of youth and experience, who do the unheralded little things that free your stars up to operate in their areas of strength?  If so, your team may be structured to have a great year.

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