Hall Of Fame Leadership Quotes – Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith is the NFL’s greatest running back ever by the numbers.  The following are the leadership quotes from his Hall Of Fame speech.

  1. He hasn’t left a yard on the table of his life. – Jerry Jones
  2. I wanted to become the all-time leading rusher.  Period.
  3. This team means more to me than just another team in the National Football League.
  4. Because I am a man of faith, I know my relationship with Jerry Jones was ordained.
  5. Shine the spotlight on others.
  6. The football is the most important thing on a football field.
  7. Jimmy Johnson brought discipline. focus, and excellence.  You showed us how to achieve these things.
  8. You (Darryl Johnston) mean the world to me because of the sacrifices you made…You took care of me like a little brother.
  9. I was agonizing about why I did not go into the Top 10 of the draft.
  10. We had a collective goal, mental toughness, and trust as a team.
  11. To be of service.  The heart of service is for everyone.
  12. Claim your inner champion.
  13. We all need a success strategy.
  14. Never let others define you.  You define yourself.
  15. Sustaining a vision – Most only dream.  I wrote down my goals and how to achieve them.  It’s only a dream until you write it down. Then it’s a goal.
  16. Consistency shows value.  Necessary for trust and longevity.  Show up every week no matter how difficult the game or life might be.
  17. Balance – the key to success.  I show balance in my personal life when I put my family in their proper place which is #1.
  18. Daddy’s doing the very best that he can.
  19. Son, I am so proud of you.  I have dreams of doing what you’re doing but my mom got sick…You’re living my dream.
  20. I bear all their names (father, son).  Our name will always be enshrined in the history of pro football.

Emmitt, you’re a Hall Of Famer in every way.  Congratulations.

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