Hall Of Fame Leadership Quotes – Jerry Rice

In my opinion, Jerry Rice is the greatest player to ever compete in professional football.  The following are the leadership quotes from his Hall Of Fame speech this evening.

  1. I was never on an airplane until I was drafted by the 49ers.
  2. I was joining a great team that had already won two Super Bowls.
  3. If not for Emmit and the Dallas Cowboys there would be 3 more rings on my finger.  Rivalries are good for the NFL.  We made each other better.
  4. No shortcuts.  Concrete had to be laid a certain way.  The fear of failure is the engine that has driven me for my entire life.
  5. Not wanting to disappoint is what pushed me to be successful.
  6. My dad was a hard man.  I never saw him cry and he didn’t say “I love you”.
  7. Coach Archie Cooley of Mississippi Valley State was the only one who sent someone to see me play.
  8. “I will give you guys anything you want.  Best hotels.  Best planes.  East Coast a day early.  Just win championships.” – Eddie DeBartolo
  9. Bill Walsh was like a father.  I never wanted to let my father down and I didn’t want to let Bill down.  He had every gift but length of life.
  10. They never clocked me on my way to the end zone.  They never caught me because I ran scared.
  11. I was always in search of the perfect game and I never got it.
  12. I played for 20 years and still believe in my heart I can play today.
  13. My regret is that I never took the time to enjoy it.  I was always working.
  14. That young boy from Mississippi has finally stopped running.

Congratulations Jerry.  No one taught us to work like you did.

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