How To Build A Champion Part 1

The New England Patriots were the NFL’s team of the decade.  In Christopher Price’s book The Blueprint he uncovers the architectural design of the team that has become the standard for how to construct a NFL franchise. 

Regardless of your profession, these principles are transferable to building your organization.  Some of Price’s many findings from the 2000 and 2001 seasons are listed in the excerpts below.  Enjoy Part 1 which contains the first ten lessons in this three-part series.

  1. “It’s not about collecting talent, it’s about assembling a team.” – Head Coach Bill Belichick
  2. Sometimes you’re better off avoiding the supremely talented player who may or may not fit into your scheme and choosing an above-average player who wants to sacrifice everything in the name of becoming part of something special, something bigger than himself.
  3. Contracts are awarded based on the possibility of future performance, not past performance.
  4. Meddlesome owners can send a team spiraling in the wrong direction for years with their hands-on approach.
  5. “My job is to find players who are compatible with their head coach.” – VP of Player Personnel Scott Pioli
  6. They think differently than their competitors, seeking out football opinions from people outside the game – like Ivy League economists and statisticians.
  7. The ownership hired the proper people to run their football operations – men who had a singular vision.
  8. No stadium meant no stability. *Note from Brian – Pastors in rented facilities, are you paying attention?
  9. “The Patriots’ secret is not overpaying for good players who aren’t great, but who collectively fit exactly what the coach wants them to do.” – Peter King
  10. “I think they’ve done an outstanding job.  But unless they get the cooperation of the ownership and the ownership understands how things function, you really don’t have any chance to succeed.” – NFL personnel guru Charley Armey

Leaders, are you constructing your team like this?  Check back tomorrow for Part 2 which gives you the second list of 10 lessons.

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About Brian Dodd on Leadership

I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.


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