10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic

Leaders are constantly seeking ways to expand their influence.  This past summer, the readership of this site has grown over 900%.  I’ve learned much and want to pass along my key learnings about multiplying readers and exponentially impacting the lives of others to you.

In addition to some positive things I’ve learned, I will also pass on my blogging mistakes.

Things That Work

  1. Read A Lot On the Subject of BloggingTony Morgan’s book Killing Cockroaches initially inspired my blogging desires.  I now also read www.problogger.net, www.bloggodown.com,  www.sethgodin.com, and www.blog.ourchurch.com daily for insights on improving my site and posts.
  2. Content, Content, Content – Try to post 5-6 times per week.  There are two primary advantages to this.  First, the more you write the better you get.  Two, it increases your chances of being found by Google searches.
  3. Broader Appeal Within The Same Genre – I used to only write about leadership principles in sports.  Now I also find leadership principles in church, family, and relationships.  This expanded my audience.
  4. Short Posts – Thank you www.josephsangl.com for teaching me this.  I keep all posts 500 words or less.
  5. Scannable – Use lists.  Nothing makes people move to another site quicker than long paragraphs. 
  6. Graphics – Try to have images or video with all posts.  We are a visual society.  How do you like the image above?
  7. Social Networks – Use twitter and facebook to promote your blog titles.   
  8. Solutions – People read a blog because they are looking for solutions on a specific topic.  If you are looking for ways to improve your leadership, you will find answers here.
  9. Think Ahead – I think Christian Ponder will win the 2010 Heisman Trophy and Aaron Rodgers will be the NFL MVP.  If you click their names, I have already written posts about their leadership.  The goal is that these posts will become sticky for the next several months.
  10. Response – Try to respond to everyone within 24 hrs who comments about a post.  This shows that you genuinely care, creates conversation, and helps develop a loyal following. 

5 Mistakes I’ve Made

  1. Titles – Yesterday, a good friend said “I see (on facebook) you’re excited that football season is starting.”  I then asked “How did you like the post?”  He didn’t open it.  I’m still trying to break the code on titles that demand to be opened.
  2. Networks – The experts tell you that you must be part of blogging communities.  I’m still figuring out how to build those bridges.
  3. Controversy – The same experts also tell you that controversy increases your traffic.  That’s not my style.  
  4. The Audience – I’m still trying to figure out my exact audience and then speak specifically to that audience.
  5. Planning – Bloggers are advised to have the next 6-10 posts planned in advance.  I have a family and full-time job so that concept is simply not feasible.  My blog is almost like a diary.  It is the outward processing of what I daily experience as a leader.  I need a more proactive strategy.

Leaders, your blogs are desperately needed.  Your thoughts and ideas change the quality of people’s lives.  Let us know what you’ve done that has increased your number of readers.  We, specifically I, need to know.   

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About Brian Dodd on Leadership

I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.

17 Responses to “10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic”

  1. Great writing! Maybe you could do a follow up to this topic?!?

  2. Astounding article bro. This kind of is just a exceedingly nicely structured posting, just the tips I was hunting for. Thanks

    • Thank you for the comments and I’m glad they helped you. Also, check out my links in the article as they will provide great insights as well. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Brian

  3. It is certainly a lovely post. An information something like this demonstrates just how steeply the concept is actually thought of by creator.

  4. This Financial Advice I read on Google From your website I Found Very Helpful thanks For the Nice tips Looking Forward To Reading More From You !!

  5. I find myself coming back to your web-site only because you have lots of awesome insights and also you happen to be at this a while, which is very impressive and tells me you know your stuff.

    • I appreciate you coming back more than you know. Please keep doing that. Also, I’m always looking for fresh content. If there is ever any leadership items that you would like me to address, please pass along those thoughts.

  6. this is awesome man

  7. Good ideas, Brian. I’ve read a lot of “gain more traffic” blogs, but maybe I’m evidence of the fact that this topic attracts readers no matter how much they’ve read. It’s what I’ve always heard about books on prayer–they always do well. Just got my new website up. I post on leadership too, drawing from 20 yrs as a university VP and Pres and continuing now with a ministry org. Would enjoy meeting you sometime. Blessings to you, your family, and your work.

    • Rex,

      Thank you for your comments. I just checked out your blog and was very impressed. I have subscribed to it with Google Reader. If you’re ever in the Atlanta area, send me a note and maybe we can meet.

      I look forward to interacting in the future.


  8. Excellent work, Brian. I’ve mostly been lurking on your blog and watching your T’s. I’ve been, in my adrenal years, a huge fan of leadership ideas and networking. I was even a sports editor and football player at college (Wheaton). BUT, I’ve figgered your sports-oriented prodings were for the other, younger guys. But it has been interesting. THIS post, however, was quite helpful. Am printing it to take to the doc’s to read in the waiting room today. Better than “Highlights” for kids. I’m just starting the actual writing for the book (Generational Fathering), thus these blog hints will help me be more efficient. I posted today (www.gendads.com) and eager to expand my “tribe”.

    • Gary,

      It is so good to hear from you again. I will try to write more “adult” posts. I hope everything goes well at the doctor today. I look forward to one day reading your book. I’m definitely part of the Gary Taylor tribe.


  9. Good thoughts Brian. Just know that someone other than your wife reads your stuff. Keep writing!

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