Final Pre-Op Post


Mark Marshall is the Senior Pastor of the great Clearview Baptist Church in Franklin, TN and a lifelong friend of mine.  You see, Mark baptized me, ordained me for ministry, and performed my wedding.  Tomorrow, at age 48, he is having heart surgery.  I was so moved by Mark’s words today on his blog that I wanted to use it as a guest blog. 

If you think about it this Wednesday, please say a prayer for Mark.  His family would appreciate it and so would I.  Below is his moving, insightful post. 

Well, tomorrow is the surgery. There are certainly lots of thoughts that run through your mind once inside the 24 hour window. But honestly, I have such a peace. I wonder how much better life would go if I could learn to completely let go of control to the Lord 24/7 like I have regarding this surgery. You see, I don’t have an option. I can’t do the surgery on myself. I can’t control the recovery and healing. It really is all in His hands.

I have thought ALOT about life after surgery. It will take me a few months to back to complete strength. I will count this as my mid-life crisis. Most men (or women for that matter) are not given the opportunity to push the pause button at 48 with the incentive I have been given to consider … really consider … what is important during the second half of life. I have been given just such a privilege.

No doubt, I will not be the same. I have said a few times I was afraid I would not be the same after this surgery. Now, I would say, I would fear being the same. I want to walk through all the changes God has for me. I want to be in a position for Him to use me more than before. Why else could I or would I ask for health beyond September 8? The only reason I desire health is to be better able to serve Him.

To all of you who read this who are part of the ClearView family, we are blessed to have capable and Godly staff who will continue to lead in my absence. I thank God for all of them. In order for me to heal as quickly as possible, I must trust them to continue leading. I do so without hesitation!

I thank God I am pastor of such a great group of people. If a guy has to walk through this kind of situation he could not ask for more support and prayer than I am receiving. We have heard from many of your personally and I know there are many more. We are being lifted up in prayer by churches and individuals all over the world. I have heard from Africa and from Australia, as well as many around the USA.

You should continue to have updates posted here in the days ahead. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank you for the support we have been and will continue to receive.

You will hear from me again as soon as they will let me back on this thing :-).

I love you!


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  1. Hey, I think your mostly on track with this, I won’t say I totally agree , but its not really that big of a deal .

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