65 Characteristics Of Alpha Male Leadership

Ed Orgeron is an Alpha Male!  He is a larger than life figure with a personality to match.  Currently at USC, Orgeron is considered the best defensive line coach and recruiter in college football.  While the head coach at Ole Miss, he was featured in a book written by Bruce Feldman entitled Meat Market.

Feldman provides a compelling character study of what a true Alpha Male leader looks like in Orgeron.  As we take a look at the former Ole Miss coach, see if he reminds you anyone.

An Alpha Male Leader:

  1. Has supreme confidence.  They are fearless.
  2. Wants the final decision.
  3. Is constantly evaluating their personnel.
  4. Is always looking for opportunity.
  5. Often values intangibles.
  6. Is always discontent and looking for ways to improve.
  7. Is comfortable with criticism.
  8. Appreciates talent.
  9. Respects other alpha males.  Kings talk to kings.
  10. Can easily say “No“.
  11. Is transparent/blunt.
  12. Default to their strengths.  Orgeron’s was recruiting.
  13. Shows immediate results wherever they go.
  14. Learns from failure.
  15. Prepares well.
  16. Never forgets anything but also move on quickly.
  17. Often burns out because they are inherently adversarial.
  18. Has no patience for marginal or high-maintenance personnel.
  19. Doesn’t settle.
  20. Attempts to be leaders in their field or will fail trying.
  21. Enjoys, almost lusts for competition.
  22. Has endless energy.
  23. Is creative.
  24. Views conflict as a plus.
  25. Doesn’t like surprises.
  26. Recruits “difference makers”.
  27. Promotes personnel who produce results.
  28. Wants personalities like themselves.
  29. Desires solutions, not problems.
  30. Is suspect of constantly positive people.
  31. Outworks everyone.
  32. Determines the mood of every room they enter.
  33. Probes issues deeply.
  34. Appreciates tough-skinned individuals.
  35. Views shyness as weakness.
  36. Never gives up.  They are tenacious.
  37. Wants environments that are upbeat, positive, and confident.
  38. Requires loyalty.
  39. Has a constant, on-going evaluation process.
  40. Hates silence.
  41. Views silence as consent.
  42. Grows increasingly frustrated by mistakes.
  43. Experiences high staff turnover.
  44. Never takes the easy way.
  45. Is fiercely proud.
  46. Refuses to wait for anything.
  47. Understands the value of time.
  48. Sometimes unknowingly bruises the psyches of their team.
  49. Often does destructive things to others and themselves because they know few boundaries.
  50. Innovates.
  51. Has Focus.
  52. Learns from mistakes.
  53. Surrounds themselves with talented people.
  54. Is generous to top performers.
  55. Is a salesmen.
  56. Often judges people by externals.
  57. Keeps score.
  58. Is conscious of the perceptions of others.
  59. Is always looking for an edge.
  60. Likes going first.  Of course they do, they are leaders.
  61. Expands their leadership teams.
  62. Protects the team.
  63. Moods are predicated by won-loss records.
  64. Makes choices in less-than-perfect situations.
  65. Is memorable.

That is an exhaustive list but what thoughts come to your mind when you think of Alpha Males?

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About Brian Dodd on Leadership

I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.

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