10 Leadership Quotes From Auburn QB Cam Newton

Can the Auburn Tigers defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide this year?  I think Alabama has the better team but Auburn has the best player.  Cam Newton currently quarterbacks the nation’s #1 team and will win the 2011 Heisman Trophy.

The October 22nd edition of the USA Today had a brief feature on the Auburn quarterback.  While the feature was short, Newton provided several thoughts that leaders can utilize.

  1. “It’s a day-to-day learning process.”  Leaders, what have you learned today?
  2. “You just study and come up with new plays to attack the defense.”  What you are doing today that makes you successful will not make you successful tomorrow.  The market changes.  Your competition makes adjustments.  Leaders, you must constantly be coming up with your own “new plays”.
  3. “As far as the Heisman talk is concerned, I just try to plug my ears to that.”  Leaders focus on team goals rather than personal ones.  The best leaders serve others rather than serve themselves.
  4. “As far as me getting prepared for this upcoming game, I think that’s more important.”  The most important meeting you will have is the NEXT one.  The most important sermon you will preach is the NEXT one.  The most important call to a customer is the NEXT one.
  5. “It’s a family atmosphere.”  Great organizations are characterized by a strong sense of community.
  6. “I think I was left with no choice but to leave (Florida Gators).”  Outside of character, the most important thing a leader can have is options.  For more on this subject, click here.
  7. “That was a humbling experience.  I go from the University of Florida, where I can get Gatorade at my beck and call, to a place where you have to help paint your stadium stands.”  God can only use a person to the level that they have been broken.  Leaders, do you understand the value of humiliation and utilize it as your friend?
  8. “I learned a lot during my tenure at Florida.  I wouldn’t say it was a waste.”  Leaders do not waste experience.
  9. “You just can’t get excited about the big games.  You have to approach them all the same way.”  Leaders, do you trust the consistency of your preparation?
  10. “In the SEC the better prepared team will win.” Leaders, you will either prepare or repair.

No one in college football is performing at a higher level than Cam Newton.  Leaders, let’s learn from his life and apply the lessons from these quotes so that we can also perform at an unmatched level in our area of discipline.

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About Brian Dodd on Leadership

I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.

12 Responses to “10 Leadership Quotes From Auburn QB Cam Newton”

  1. Brian-As an assistant basketball coach at the Division 3 level, I really like your posts on sports with the leadership quotes. There’s never enough information we can give to players as we try to get them to grow.
    Quote from Florida coach Billy Donovan-“If you don’t feel you have something to prove every day, you’ll never improve.” Keep up the great work-Brad Oringer-College of Mount Saint Vincent-New York
    Some great stuff you can get from NBA playoffs coaches post game news conferences.

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  8. Great site! You have some very creative posts on leadership. I appreciate the out of the box articles. Here is a leadership quote I really enjoy.

    The great leaders are like the best conductors-
    they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the player.
    -Blaine Lee

    When you get a chance check out this page I created of Leadership Quotes. I think you’ll like it.


    • Joe,

      Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the site. I like Lee’s comment. I look forward to checking out your page. Feel free to comment on any additional posts you may like.

      Thanks again,

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