30 Election Night Leadership Quotes

Barack Obama U.S. President elect Barack Obama (L) walks on stage with his wife Michelle (R) and daughters Malia and Sasha to address his supports during an election night gathering in Grant Park on November 4, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. Obama defeated Republican nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) by a wide margin in the election to become the first African-American U.S. President elect.

The following are some quotes that leaders need to learn from and apply.  I will try to keep this as non-partisan as possible and simply limited to leadership applications.  Thanks to Fox News for their coverage of the election as these quotes come from their broadcast.

  1. Independents are swinging to the Republican side.
  2. More older white people are turning out.
  3. A candidate (Christine O’Donnell) was right on issues but mishandled questions given to her.
  4. Marco Rubio is a rising star…he is bringing in the Hispanic vote.
  5. It’s not just Obama…once a candidate can make it about the opponent you can get past the national stuff.
  6. Americans said “We gave you (President O’Bama) a chance but you’re not cutting it.”
  7. The President made a huge mistake because Americans want results…The country is in a bad economic cycle…Healthcare so far means higher premiums.
  8. Nobody wins without the Independent vote.
  9. The Tea Party and Independent voters are voting along the same lines.
  10. Exit polls show it is not a vote for Republicans but rather Nevada’s uagainst the Obama administration.
  11. Nevada’s unemployment rate if 14.4% which is the highest in the nation which is over 4% over the national average.
  12. Unemployment is ahead of honesty as a factor.  In other words, you can lie to me if you get me a job.
  13. We have not seen one shift from what the polls were.
  14. This is a complete repudiation of the Democratic party, particularly in the South.
  15. The absence of a positive Republican narrative limited even their large gains.  60 seats gained could have been 90.
  16. Conservative Democrats in NC survived.
  17. Mid-term elections are always about the President.
  18. What happens tomorrow?
  19. Does Obama have any Bill Clinton in him?
  20. It’s about cooperation about two parties who have been wrong.
  21. The President has to lead and reach out.
  22. We need a clear strategy on jobs.
  23. People like checks and balances in this country.
  24. Rejection of Obama.  Need for cooperation.  Two themes from tonight.
  25. For Democrats, there is a difference between horrible and death.
  26. The failure of the Republicans was to have a national narrative for the Senators.
  27. Politics are volatile and unpredictable.
  28. The Tea Party is strong locally but weaker on a statewide level.
  29. The Republicans haven’t inspired anyone but won by what was in the Obama legislation.
  30. The average number won by out of party seats in off-year elections in the Senate is 3.  The Replublicans will pick up at least 7.

This night is historic. 

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