20 Insights For Leaders Who Want To Transform Their Communities

If churches ceased to exist in your community, what would be different about where you live?  Today, I had the privilege of attending and helping host Take Out Conference at NorthStar Church in Kennesaw, GA.

NorthStar, led by Senior Pastor Mike Linch, is an amazing church that is making a huge impact in their community.  To read a previous post about how God is using them click here.

Mike led two main sessions, one personally and an unbelievable panel interview of community leaders.  The following are quotes from those talks that will benefit leaders who want to be change agents where they live.  All quotes are from Mike unless otherwise stated.

  1. Someone who was value to me is missing” referring to those in the community who don’t know Christ.
  2. “I (the community) don’t doubt your ability (to help me).  I doubt your willingness.”
  3. “It all begins with a passion that we can’t stand the (hurting) state they’re in.”
  4. “You’re (the community) why I’m here.”
  5. I can’t ignore hurting people.  We have to be willing to do something.”
  6. I must develop the heart of Jesus.  His concern was people.”
  7. “There’s always somebody waiting for somebody to reach out to them.”
  8. “We must be the hands and feet of Jesus.”
  9. “I don’t care if anyone outside Acworth and Kennesaw knows who we (NorthStar Church) are as long as everyone in Acworth and Kennesaw knows who we are.”
  10.  “You (churches) need to serve to be heard.” – Kennesaw Mountain HS Vice Principal Billy Richardson
  11. Every church has an opportunity to be a heartbeat (of a city).” – Acworth, GA Mayor Tommy Allegood
  12. “The heartbeat’s responsibility is to be the glue (of the community).” – Mayor Allegood
  13. “Organizations exist to serve people.” – Principal Lisa Williams
  14. Start a fire, stoke the fire, build cheerleaders, and then start programs.” – Mrs. Williams
  15. “Schools are being squeezed for one test score – AYP.” – Mr. Richardson
  16. “We will share the gospel because eventually something will go wrong (in the lives of people).”
  17. “Give (to your community) with no strings attached.”
  18. Children don’t care who you are if you’re helping them.” – Mrs. Williams
  19. “10% in your church have the gift of evangelism but 70-80% have the gift of service or helps.”
  20. When their life goes bad, you want them to know who you are.”

I have been involved in many events in my life.  However, I’ve never been part of an event that was as inspiring, practical, and provided the attendees the tools to transform their communities as where I was today.  Thank you Mike and the NorthStar.  Acworth and Kennesaw, GA are better places to live because you are there. 

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  2. eagleswingsworld Reply 11/10/2010 at 11:52 AM

    Thank you for sharing what you have been doing. May the Lord bless the work of your hands and the labor of love that he has put in your heart.

    • Thank you for your delightful compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed the posting. I trust the Lord is doing a great work in your life as well. I look forward to hearing back from you in the future. Brian

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