7 Results Of A Man Who Is Helping To Change A Community

Have you ever known a leader who always makes excuses, blames others, and never takes chances or responsibility for the results?  We all have and it causes that leader to lose influence.

Recently, I was at a gathering of African-American Christian leaders and was moved by the actions and words of one of the pastors.  This pastor was summoned to one of the properties the church owned by local law enforcement.  As he arrived, he found four young men in handcuffs who were apprehended after breaking into the building.

The police asked the pastor “Would you like to press charges?”  I’ll never forget his words.  He said “No!  Bring them to me!  Call their parents and tell them the Pastor is handling it.”

“Bring them to me!”  I’ve thought a lot about those four words the last week.  Who would be described as “Them”?  Perhaps it’s these people:

  1. Bring The Hurting To Me!
  2. Bring The Under-Resourced To Me!
  3. Bring The Marginalized To Me!
  4. Bring The Hungry and Thirsty To Me!
  5. Bring The Unemployed To Me!
  6. Bring The Unloved To Me!
  7. Bring The Broken and Hurting To Me!
  8. Bring The Abandoned To Me!
  9. Bring The Ones Society Has Rejected To Me!
  10. Bring Those Who Just Need A Chance To Me!

I have come to the conclusion that because of this pastor’s ownership of the results of those under his influence, these subsequent results now have a chance of taking place as well:

  1. People Have A Chance To Reach Their Potential – Great leaders see incredible potential in people.  These four young men now have a better chance of becoming productive citizens in a church environment rather than the penal system.
  2. His Example Will Inspire Others – This pastor takes seriously the responsibility of stewarding the development of those he serves.  This is a great example to all leaders, particularly the fathers, in his congregation.
  3. Generational Impact – As mentioned previously, these young men now have a better chance of becoming productive adults.  This could also result in them becoming quality husbands and fathers.
  4. Opportunity – Leaders understand that out of great calamity comes great opportunity.
  5. Partnerships – One can put a thousand to flight but two can put ten thousand to flight.  I was extremely impressed with the relationship between local law enforcement and the local church.  Communities are stronger when partnerships exist between churches, schools, civil servants, and local government.
  6. Credibility – This pastor’s actions will give him increased credibility with his congregation.  His investment in these young men demonstrates that he is there to serve his people rather than being served by them.
  7. Loyalty – As a parent I understand that the parents of these individuals will now do anything for that pastor, and rightfully so. 

Do you feel challenged by this pastor to be a better leader?  I know I do.  Leaders, do you take this level of responsibility for those you are there to serve?

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About Brian Dodd on Leadership

I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.

5 Responses to “7 Results Of A Man Who Is Helping To Change A Community”

  1. This is often a amazing website, would you be interested in working on an interview about just how you made it? If so e-mail me and my friends!

  2. Fascinating articles

  3. “Leaders taking responsibility”. That’s a powerful concept; one that’s all too rare in our culture. Thanks for this inspiring reminder of the need to ‘step up’.


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