7 Leadership Deeds, Not Words, That Can Make You A Champion – Oregon Ducks Chip Kelly



Do you know many people who are “all talk”?  To Chip Kelly, head coach of the nation’s best team, the 11-0 Oregon Ducks, deeds not words are what is important.  In the latest edition of The Sporting News, he says “I don’t deal in hypotheticals.  Every day, you show who are by what you do.”

The following are additional quotes and the current behaviors being shown at the nation’s top program.  These leadership principles can be applied at any church, sports, or business organization.

  1. “It’s About Who You Are, Not Who You Think You’ll Be” – Many young leaders think you should have a title before you do the job.  In February 2007, Kelly arrived at his job interview for the Offensive Coordinator position 3 hours early.  To pass the time, he proceeded to work out the team.  Amazing, running plays with a team that is not your’s!  Leaders, it’s about who you will be, not what you currently are. 
  2. “Don’t Talk About It.  Show Me” – At the time of this publication, Oregon had 21 touchdown drives of less than 60 seconds (explosive).  But against Cal, they used up that last 9:25 of the game (methodical).  Leaders, you must be able to execute regardless of your circumstances.
  3. “Your Life Is More Than Just One Snapshot” – Coach Kelly has said “Don’t let one game define you.”  After behavioral issues with his two top players, Kelly re-established the core values of the team.  Leaders, no organization is exempt from issues that can derail your success.
  4. “Your Going To Do Great Things” – Star QB Darron Thomas was told by his childhood favorite team LSU that he would not play that position for them.  Kelly told him “Your going to do great things for us as a quarterback.”  Leaders, who is under-utilized at one organization that could blossom in your system?  Add them to your team.
  5. “His System With Elite Athletes” – No matter what may go wrong during a game, Kelly always knows his Blur Offense will work well.  Leaders, during difficult times you should always return to what you do well and play to your strengths?
  6. “So Different, So Ahead Of The Curve” – While Kelly is the hottest thing in college coaching currently, he excelled in relative obscurity for 14 years at New Hampshire.  Former UNH QB Ricky Santos says “He sees things other coaches don’t – and he exploits it.” Leaders, find people in hidden places who are doing things ahead of the curve and saying things no one else is saying.
  7. “Nothing surprises us” –  Kelly’s office looks like a video room rather than a trophy case.  He is dedicated to film study.  Leaders, what is your commitment to preparation?

Deeds, not words is what is needed to become a champion.  Ownership, Execution, Core Values, System Fits, Organizational Philosophy, Creativity and Innovation, and Preparation.

Whether you are a business leader, pastor, coach, parent, or have influence in another area, apply these eight principles and you too could have championship results.

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About Brian Dodd on Leadership

I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.

2 Responses to “7 Leadership Deeds, Not Words, That Can Make You A Champion – Oregon Ducks Chip Kelly”

  1. In the Heartland, Oklahoma, farmers have an expression for talkers. After carefully listening to what was going down, they will turn to you and say: “That boy is all hat and no cattle.”

    An empty barrel will make the most noise is what my grandfather used to say. Anyway, that is my take on it.



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