Florida Has Already Moved Past Urban Meyer: What This Means To Leaders Everywhere

 Have Have you ever thought that your church, team or organization could not get by without you?  Well if you have, I have 5 words for you – NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!

I read the USA Today with the intention of discussing the resignation of Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer and the importance of balancing career and family.  As I was reading the articles another key leadership issue leaped of the pages – Florida has already moved on and is focusing on their new leader.

 Check out these quotes that came immediately after Meyer’s announcement:

  • The program “needs to be fixed.  It’s broken right now.” – Meyer
  • “The coach doesn’t make the team, the players do.  But it does put a damper on things.” – Ray Drew
  • “I’ve established a good relationship with Coach Meyer.  I’ve also established a good relationship with Coach (Scot) Loeffler, so I’m interested to see how it (coaching search) plays out.” – #1 High School QB Jeff Driskel
  • “Of course all the younger guys are going to worry about who’s coming in next.” – Mike Pouncey
  • “Certainly when there is a coaching change there’s some turmoil, fan turmoil, and assistant coaches, it’s the same way.” – Jeremy Foley
  • “What’s crucial for Florida is getting somebody in quickly is half of their (recruiting) class, as many as 10 guys, are set to enroll in January.” – Chad Simmons

Per Simmons, what’s crucial is not “how to get by without Meyer” but rather “getting somebody (else) in quickly”.  Florida said “Thanks” and then said “Next!” 

If an organization will say that about a leader who took them to two national championships and has the highest winning percentage of any coach with at least 100 wins, your organization will certainly say that about you.

If you understand this principle you will be a better leader for the following reasons:

  1. You will keep improving.
  2. You will keep growing.
  3. You will keep learning.
  4. You will be more creative.
  5. You will resolve conflict more quickly.
  6. You will make teamwork a greater priority.
  7. You will celebrate success more.
  8. You will value your customers and team at a deeper level.
  9. You will have a better appreciation for the journey and process.
  10. You will invest more wisely.
  11. You will manage time better.
  12. You will expand your relational base and networks.
  13. You will become more generous.
  14. You will find comfort in knowing that it is not all about you.
  15. You will remember that it is only your family that loves you unconditionally.

So what does Florida do one day after Urban’s announcement.  They graciously communicate a message of gratitude to Coach Meyer and scream to Dan Mullen “Pick Up The Phone!”

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About Brian Dodd on Leadership

I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.

One Response to “Florida Has Already Moved Past Urban Meyer: What This Means To Leaders Everywhere”

  1. NYC_CoachO @BrianKDodd Nice post re Urban Meyer & leaders. I knew you would bring something re Urban Meyer! Nice job, BK!!

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