28 Heisman Quotes From Cam Newton & Andrew Luck On Leadership

Congratulations to Auburn’s Cam Newton on winning the 2010 Heisman Trophy as college football’s best player.  The following are the key leadership quotes from tonight’s Heisman Trophy telecast on ESPN.

Initial Comments

  1. Ability is not enough…Intangibles are the key to winning the Heisman Trophy.” – Unknown
  2. “He did not want to rob (by being in attendance) Cam of a sacred moment.” – Cecil Newton
  3. “I did nothing wrong…Everything I’ve done at this university I did the right way.” – Cam Newton
  4. “You have to have the intangibles to be great at your position…He (Newton) deserves everything he’s getting right now.” – Auburn head coach Gene Chizik
  5. “We established a legacy that all military men can be proud of.” – Joe Bellino – 1960 Heisman Trophy winner from Navy

Andrew Luck

  1. “Luck’s deep knowledge disarms defenses.” – Chris Fowler
  2. “I think studying architecture and engineering you study angles and space.  This helps you in football.”
  3. “When the team needs some help I put my body on the line.”
  4. Respect people and go about it with a humble heart.  Success is a good thing but you can go about it in the wrong way.”

Kellen Moore

  1. “Kellen’s brain is a PC processing football.” – Fowler
  2. “Figuring out the schematic part of football is what I enjoy.”
  3. “Kellen’s the smartest player on the field regardless of who we’re playing. – Boise teammate
  4. “Nobody processes it (the game) faster.” – Boise St head coach Chris Petersen
  5. “When you understand it you’re more confident.”
  6. “You can be the most prepared guy on the field.”
  7. “3 qualities that any quarterback needs to be successful” asks Kirk Herbstreit.  Moore answers “Toughness.  Preparation.  Decision Making.”

LaMichael James

  1. “Just take it one day at a time”
  2. “Just win today

Cam Newton

  1. “I’m going to take this (JC football) as a business trip.”
  2.  “Everything coming back to back to back…I found a place of refuge with the people who love me the most.”
  3. It hurts a lot (not having my dad here).”

Heisman Acceptance Speech

  1. “First giving all the honor and glory to God who is the head of my life.”
  2. “My parents do a lot of things behind the scenes that go unnoticed.”
  3. “This award has been won ever since I came out of your womb.”
  4. “I also like to thank the troops fighting overseas for our freedom every single day.”
  5. “Thank you for all the support you’ve given me during these trying times.”
  6. “It’s amazing what God can do in a person’s life.”

Post Speech Comments

“I’m a living testimony that anything is possible.” – Newton

105 Ballots Omitted Newton

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