24 Leadership Quotes From President George Bush On Hannity

When discussing Apex Leaders, you don’t get much more Apex than the leader of the free world.  Recently, former President George W. Bush appeared on a special edition of Hannity to discuss his new book Decision Points.  Here are his comments: 

  1. I signed 2400 books (at a recent Dallas signing) and I couldn’t thank people enough.”
  2. “I realize it takes time for the true history of any administration to show up and I don’t try to shape it.”
  3. “I really don’t miss the limelight.  I do miss being pampered…I miss being Commander and Chief.”
  4. “I’m trying to regain a sense of anonymity.”
  5. “It’s not good for the country for a former president to be criticizing his successor…It’s not good for the institution of the presidency…He’s got plenty of critics.”
  6. “In 2006 (mid-term elections) people we’re kind of tired of me.”
  7. Drinking had become my habit.  I have a habitual personality…I realized alcohol was competing for my affections…I grew up and realized there are certain responsibilities in life you have to assume.”
  8. “I had my daddy’s eyes and my mother’s mouth…Alcohol gave me something that wasn’t attractive.”
  9. September 11th is forever a scar on my heart.”
  10. “Looking at the kids, their innocence contrasted the evil of those who attacked us.”
  11. “If you’re in charge of an organization and you’re in a crisis, the key for a leader is to project calm.”
  12. Many of the decisions that followed were based on my belief then, and my belief now, that we’re at war with people who murder the innocent to advance their objectives.”
  13. “The Commander and Chief makes all decision to protect the homeland.”
  14. “The plane  (USA Air 93) went down thanks to one of the greatest acts of bravery in American history.”
  15. “Your protected by Secret Service agents who are willing to give their life and as president you have to make their job easier, not harder.
  16. “Any president’s major job is to protect the country.”
  17. “I feel that we owed it to the military and their families to solve the problem with Saddam Hussein peacefully.  So we put a strategy in place called Coercive Diplomacy…He made the decision.”
  18. America is safer without a sworn enemy of the United States.”
  19. “Often times you’re only judged by the decisions you make.  Rarely are you judged by the decisions you don’t make.”
  20. “We had good people in our intelligence agencies asking evil people questions and we found out answers…I’d do it again.  It’s the job of the president to protect innocent lives…Everything we did was legal.”
  21. What would have been worse if we would not have gotten the information and would have been attacked.”
  22. America needed their president to throw a strike.  He was weighted down with armor.  He was weighted by Yankees who said he had to throw from the rubber.  And he threw a strike.” – Condoleezza Rice
  23. “Our military is full of compassionate, strong, courageous men and women.  Our country is blessed.  We’re really truly blessed to have people volunteer in service of our country.”
  24. We didn’t believe in defeat.”

Leaders, what do you think of President Bush’s comments?

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10 Responses to “24 Leadership Quotes From President George Bush On Hannity”

  1. I did plenty of research on George W. Bush while writing my book about him. It is important to realize that while he was laying blame on himself he still doesn’t take the complete blame. However, as a leader he was effective in not being transparent.

  2. Bush was the absolute worst president this country ever had.


  3. Using humility, giving credit to others for success and accepting responsibility for poor results are good examples.

  4. Since you’re debating it, what are your thoughts?


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