17 Pre-Game Leadership Quotes From Gene Chizik, Chip Kelly, Urban Meyer, and Nick Saban

Tonight is the BCS Championship game between the Auburn Tigers and Oregon Ducks.  The following are some great leadership quotes that came from today’s SportsCenter coverage.   

  1. The #1 thing is you’re here for a reason.  Go play the game.” – Former Florida Gator head coach Urban Meyer
  2. I’ve never been around a great player or team that didn’t have a routine.  The worst thing a coach can do is mess up that routine.” – Meyer
  3. “I think who you are is the important thing.  You’ve worked all year to establish an identity.” – Alabama head coach Nick Saban
  4. The biggest thing is to focus on winning football.  Don’t get caught in all the clutter.” – Saban
  5. “We knew we had a very young team…We saw some team chemistry that was very evident.” – Auburn head coach Gene Chizik 
  6. “We didn’t have a bad practice.  All our kids focused…tried to get better everyday.” – Oregon head coach Chip Kelly
  7. We have a vision for what we should look like…We talk about how well we handle distractions.” – Kelly
  8. “This game comes down to how well we play and it really has to be a faceless opponent because we control the outcome of the game.” – Kelly
  9. “I don’t live on criticism.  I don’t live on what the outside world thinks.” – Chizik
  10. “I’ve never been motivated by criticism.  I really don’t care what other people think.” – Kelly
  11. “I believe I know what’s right.  I know exactly the way I want to do it.” – Chizik
  12. “Praise and blame is all the same.  We don’t play this game because we want people to tell us we’re good and we don’t play harder when people tell us we do bad.  We play this game because we love it.” – Kelly
  13. “I don’t know that I will sleep the night before the national championship game.  I’ve haven’t slept much lately.  I’m excited.” – Chizik
  14. “No one’s allowed to talk about winning the national championship.  Focus on dominating the guy you play against and assume that guy is best guy you’ve ever played against.” – Saban
  15. “You want your kids going to sleep confident, prepared, ready to go play a game.” – Meyer
  16. “It’s the clutter outside the game that you want to keep away from your players so that they can focus on the things they need to do to play great football.” – Saban
  17. “When you take over a program everybody’s got positive energy…The longer you’re there and you have success you create expectations for yourself.  It makes it more difficult for everyone to stay positive because you’re not going to win the championship every year.” – Saban

These apex leaders are the best coaches in college football.  Do you lead your teams with a similar philosophy? 

Oh, and I’m predicting Auburn winning 45-38 tonight.

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I am a church stewardship and leadership consultant for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. This blog combines my personal passions of church, sports, pop culture and family into a single leadership resource. I trust your time on this site will create conversations and add value to your life.

3 Responses to “17 Pre-Game Leadership Quotes From Gene Chizik, Chip Kelly, Urban Meyer, and Nick Saban”

  1. NYC_CoachO @BrianKDodd will have plenty of leadership quotes from those interviews… Impressive!! #leadership #perseverance

  2. They each have a unique leadership style and they are strikingly similar in their approaches. No wonder their teams played for a national title. Great game, too.


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