The Power Of Language – 11 Leadership Quotes From The Atlanta Falcons and Auburn Tigers

Leaders understand the power of language.  As a result, they love quotes.  Quotes allow leaders to properly frame what they feel intuitively and then provide effective messaging elements as they cast vision and lead their teams.

To provide leaders with quality resources, the following are some great leadership quotes I have acquired over the last couple of weeks:

Simplicity – “You know you have really mastered something that’s complicated when you are able to present it simply.  And without sacrificing its essential features…The measure of a church’s faithfulness to the Bible is not its ability to dumbfound people with its complexity.  It is its ability to faithfully communicate its essential message in a way that people can understand and embrace.” –  That’s the power of language!

Sports Illustrated December 27, 2010

  1. Maturity – “Being young and not knowing any better, I thought I was the only kid out there that was big and fast and strong and could do it all.  But all of a sudden there are other guys out there ” – Atlanta Falcons WR Roddy White
  2. Responsibility – “Drinking.  It’s tough to do that and then come in and prepare to play football.” – White
  3. Affecting Behavior – “I know I’m doing a good job on defensive backs because their coaches yell and cry to the referee all day about me holding and stuff like that.” – White
  4. Confidence – “He instills confidence in me to know if I put the ball around him – somewhere around him – he’s going to make a play.” – Matt Ryan on White
  5. Effort – “He quit taking plays off.  And good things tend to happen for us when he gives great effort.” – Auburn defensive line coach Tracy Rocker on Nick Fairley

Sports Illustrated January 10th

  1. Commitment – “He has all the ability, but will he be fully committed?  He’s our leader, so for us to get better it has to start with him.” – Arizona Wildcat head coach Sean Miller on forward Derrick Williams
  2. Execution – “They execute their assignments as well as anyone.” – NFL personnel executive on the Atlanta Falcons

Sports Illustrated January 17th

  1. Energy – “You give and you get.  You feed the crowd and the crowd gives you this type of energy that (makes you ) feel like you can do anything.” – Cam Newton
  2. Intelligence – Referring to Gus Malzahn’s intelligence, Auburn guard Byron Isom says “If there was an 85-play script we were going over in film, and the 83rd play wasn’t in there, he would notice.”
  3. Skill – “Nick Fairley is the best defensive lineman in the country.” – Oregon head coach Chip Kelly after the championship game.

Simplicity, Maturity, Responsibility, Behavior, Confidence, Effort, Commitment, Execution, Energy, Intelligence, and Skill.  Leaders, do you and your team possess these qualities?  If not, in what area(s) do you need to improve?

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