Why Mark Richt And Tom Walton Are Better Leaders Than Mark Zuckerberg

When I look at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, I don’t see a memorable leader.  I see a memorable entrepreneur.  I see a memorable programmer.  I see someone with memorable timing.  I just don’t see a memorable leader.  

What I just said may surprise you.  But in 25 years, when we look back in history, that is how we will remember this extraordinarily talented and successful man.

So that begs the question – What makes a leader memorable?  Granted accomplishments matter.  However, I think the leaders we remember have one thing in common – They Care About Their People…and their people never forget.

On Monday, February 7th, Wake Forest head baseball coach Tom Walton donated a kidney to a player on his team, Kevin JordanESPN captured the following quotes shortly after this incredibly generous act:

  • “These guys were my family.” – Walton
  • “I’m just really thankful.  I don’t have the words or vocabulary.  Just real thankful.” – Jordan
  • “You hear a coach say he’ll sacrifice anything to you and when Coach Walton put it into action, it’s really humbling.”  – Austin Stadler, Wake Forest 1B
  • When he made a promise to Kevin to come to Wake Forest for good or for bad.  This shows he meant it.” – Steven Brooks, OF
  • Let’s put others first.  Let’s make decisions for what’s best of our fellow-man and make sacrifices for each other.  And those sacrifices always have great rewards. – Walter   

In the February 11th edition of The Valdosta Daily Times, the tragic story of the drowning and subsequent funeral of James Eunice is chronicled.  Prior to his untimely death, James had planned on walking on to the Georgia Bulldogs football team this fall.  He had spoken with head coach Mark Richt about the possibility and plans were underway for that dream to take place.  

The article goes on to state “During Eunice’s funeral last Saturday, Jay Rome and Malcolm Mitchell, who played football with Eunice at Valdosta High and have signed letters of intent to play for Georgia, came to the podium with a box. A letter that Richt had written to the Eunice family was read to the mourners in attendance.  At the end of the letter, Richt wrote, “Oh yeah, James made the team.”  Then Rome and Mitchell took an official Georgia jersey out of the box. On the jersey were Eunice’s last name and the No. 23 he had worn at Valdosta.”

It further states “He (Richt) cares about (people),” Mitchell said. “I don’t know how well he knew James, but just to do something like that, not really even having a full (knowledge) of who the person is, shows that he cares about people, and just is a caring person.”

Simple question to all the readers of this site – Would you rather follow Mark Zuckerberg or Tom Walton and Mark Richt?  If you really think about it, the answer may surprise you.

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