Is Cam Newton A Franchise Quarterback

Sporting News draft expert Russ Lande states in the March 14th edition “To me, he’s (Cam Newton) a guy who screams out, ‘I’m going to be a high pick and be a flop.’” 

What do you think?

Every NFL Draft has a polarizing figure and this year it is Newton.  Let’s look at the evidence as presented by Dennis Dillon coming out of this year’s combine.

Throwing Drills – Strong arm, average overall performance.  He struggled with all the out throws which is footwork.  This is something all quarterbacks who come out of a spread offense struggle with.

Personal Interviews – Very guarded individual.  Kept brushing the incidents like stealing the laptop aside.  As Dillon said “He’s somebody that so far in his life, nothing is really ever his fault.”

Bottom Line – Great size, good athleticism, all the physical tools.  The question becomes is Cam going to respond to coaching and learn the intricacies of footwork?

Here are a variety of quotes from others about Newton:

  1. “He won everybody over with his work ethic, competitiveness and charisma.  He’s got it.  Whatever it is, he’s got it.” – Blinn JC head coach Ronny Feldman
  2. Does everything you look for in a quarterback.  Very talented.” – Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan
  3. “From a throwing perspective, he’s got more talent and he’s further ahead than Tebow or Young (when they came out of college).” – NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock
  4. “Me and George (Whitfield) have been working day and night in the film room, on the chalk board or on the field throwing routes.” – Newton
  5. I’m not concerned about that.” – Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik on the Cecil Newton investigation.
  6. “He didn’t throw great, but he threw well…First and foremost, that’s kind of what you look for – the accuracy.  And he was off there.” – unnamed NFC scouting director.
  7. “He’s a tall, powerful young man.  He’s got great athletic ability…The one thing he does have is a great arm, and he’s a winner.” – Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera
  8. “I think it’s the biggest question in the draft…There are a lot of positives, there are a lot of negatives, and there are a lot of unknowns NFL teams are going to have to sift through.” – ESPN’s Todd McShay

9 of the first 15 teams picking in the draft have a need at quarterback so someone is going to take a chance on him.  The question is would you?

I would and here’s why:

  1. Results – As previously said, he’s a winner.  Auburn beat 8 ranked teams, many in come from behind fashion.  He simply finds a way.
  2. Leadership – Like Mike Vick, people will play hard and walk through a brick wall for him.
  3. Work Ethic – He is very coachable and will work hard to learn the nuances of the game. 

My concern would not be footwork.  It would be will he have an entourage or the wrong people around him (please Lord not the Bengals)?  Can his leadership skills and charisma be leveraged properly? 

I would draft Blaine Gabbert ahead of him but would still have no problem making him my franchise quarterback.  Your thoughts?

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About Brian Dodd on Leadership

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2 Responses to “Is Cam Newton A Franchise Quarterback”

  1. Being a Ex-Church Youth Leader and Youth Mentor, I’ve met a lot of Cam’s in my life and have also seen how the world was quick to judge them simply because they didn’t fit their preceived prejudices.

    I really like Cam. I understand his confidence and see nothing wrong with it. I’m not concerned with those around him cause I strongly believe that the image that was made of this father was more typical Yellow Journalism, than searching for the truth.

    I do believe his father was guilty of discussing money with Kenny guy but it was an isolated incident, and not some father running around trying to sell his son to the highest bidder. I don’t think the truth will ever come out because the whole saga from day one was controlled by the those at ESPN.

    Since I’m a strong believer in the Word, I’ll say that God wouldn’t frown on Cam more than Blaine, who the world is made to feel is perfect. As I’ve seen through out the Bible, every character God choosed to bless had do his will had some kind of flaw in their character. Not one would have been considered perfect by this world standards.

    I usually go for those who the world so arrogantly love to dismiss and stay away from those who the world like to project as perfect…In saying that, I will take Cam on my team before Blaine. I can tell by Cam’s background that he is moldable.I didn’t see that in Blaine’s background at all.

    • Sandra,

      Fantastic comments. I would pick Blaine simply because I like the traditional dropback passer. Like I said though, if I was picking in the Top 10, I would have no problem adding Newton to my team.

      Keep checking back because I will write many posts on the NFL Draft as it draws closer.


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