22 Leadership Quotes And Principles From Mark Zuckerberg And The Facebook Effect Part 2

The following is Part 2 of the leadership quotes and principles from the first six chapters of The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick.  This incredible book chronicles Facebook’s journey from conception to becoming a legitimate business.  To read Part 1, click here

All quotes are from Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg unless otherwise noted.

  1. More than 80% of the users returned to the site daily!  Nobody had ever heard of such an extraordinary combination of growth and usage in a start-up Internet company. – Kirkpatrick
  2. He (Zuckerberg) didn’t need to wear a tie to convince someone he was an entrepreneur worth backing. – Kirkpatrick
  3. Competition definitely cause Thefacebook to spread faster at Dartmouth.” – student Susan Gordon
  4. Thefacebook was very user-friendly and easy to keep using.  “It was hypnotic.” – Sean Parker
  5. Investor Peter Thiel was “a believer in letting founders control their creation“.
  6. “Mark just didn’t totally believe in it (Facebook) and wanted to go and do all these other things.” – Parker
  7. Matt Cohler, an early talent hired at Thefacebook, “was a natural intellectual, well-versed in the exigencies of the Internet, with extreme social dexterity…And he even had international experience.”
  8. “The key to Mark is that he is a psychologist.  His central thought was that kids have a deep-seated desire to have certain kinds of social interactions in college and that what drives them is their extreme interest in their friends.” – Olivia Ma
  9. “He (Zuckerberg) had some simple but deep insights.” – Ma
  10. What most wowed those who saw the presentation was a simple growth chart. – Kirkpatrick on early venture capital presentations.
  11. Viacom made an initial offer to purchase Thefacebok for $75 million.  Zuckerberg would have made $35 million for a year’s work but “that didn’t matter to him”.
  12. College students were a precious demographic for marketers.  It’s there that critical lifelong buying habits are formed.” – former classmate of Zuckerberg.  Church leaders, are you listening?
  13. “Taking their money will be different from taking our money.” – venture capitalist Don Graham comparing himself versus Accel
  14. “Why would you study it when you could be doing it.”
  15. “When I got to Thefacebook I was struck by how much I didn’t know about how twenty-somethings worked.  Everybody called them irresponsible.  They didn’t come in until late.  Some worked only at night.  But Mark was actually incredibly responsible.  All of them were.  So I decided to forget what I knew and have a beginner’s mind.” – recruiter Robin Reed
  16. “It’s difficult to have sort of basic communication with him (Mark).” – Chris Hughes
  17. “The dynamic of managing people and being CEO in a company is a lot different than being college roommates with someone.”
  18. “Part of our company mission was to be the coolest company in Silicon Valley.” – Parker
  19. I spend my time thinking how to build this and not how to exit.  I think what we’re doing is more interesting than what anyone else is doing.”
  20. “Understanding people is not a waste of time.”
  21. “The goal of Thefacebook was to help people understand the world around them.”
  22. “We wanted to build a new communications medium.  We knew we’d be successful when we were no longer cool – when we were such an integral part of people’s’ lives that they took us for granted.”

Church leaders, are there principles are that can be applied to your church environment and how you do ministry?

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