18 Leadership Quotes On Identifying Talent From ESPN’s Special On Tom Brady

Chad Pennington, Giovanni Carmazzi, Chris Redman, Tee Martin, Mark Bulger and Spergon Wynn. These were the six quarterbacks drafted ahead of Tom Brady in the 2000 NFL Draft.  It is often difficult to know how to look for talent.  Let’s not congratulate the New England Patriots.  They didn’t know how good Brady was either as they waited until the 6th round to select him.

Here are some of the quotes and principles from this week’s ESPN Year of the QB special.  The quotes are from Brady unless otherwise mentioned.

  1. Intangibles – “The intangibles are a euphemism for we have no idea what we’re looking for but we know it when we see it.” – Brian Billick
  2. Focus On Results – Won 10 of his final 11 as a junior.  He was the team captain who led comeback wins against Penn St and Alabama in the Orange Bowl.
  3. Leadership Skills – “There is no better leader in collegiate athletics than Tom Brady.” – Lloyd Carr
  4. Priorities – “It was not really my skill set (athletic drills at the combine) but fortunately for me that’s not what quarterbacking is about either.”
  5. Understanding “The Moment” – “Giovanni Carmazzi was probably the best quarterback in the draft…That was one of our better choices.” – Bill Walsh of the 49ers.  “He had all the measureables..It became evident in the first game the stage was too big.  The lights were too bright.” – Steve Mariucci  Carmazzi never appeared in a regular season game and was released after two season. 
  6. Trust Your Eyes – “We had to evaluate what we saw.” – Bill Belichick on scouting Brady before the draft.
  7. Production – QB Spergon Wynn had a 47.8% completion rate at Div II SW Texas St with 13 interceptions and 12 touchdown passes.  Brady threw at 62%, had a 2:1 Touchdown to Interception ration with comeback wins in front of 100,000 people on college football’s biggest stage.
  8. Preparation – “Sit back and learn was a mistake.  I was caught off guard.” Wynn said as a rookie.  “When I get my shot, I’m going to be ready” said Brady.
  9. Accomplishment – “The NFL is a bottom line business.  You either get it done or you’re not there anymore.” – Tee Martin
  10. Gravitas – “He’s a guy that no situation is too big.  He’s a guy that finds a way to win.” – Kurt Warner
  11. Capacity – “We thought he (Chris Redman) could process the game faster than he did.” – Billick
  12. Ownership – “Part of being a quarterback, part of being a leader is being on the field…Never give another quarterback a chance.”
  13. Handling Pressure – “To me what separates really good players from great players – executive well under pressure.  The biggest game.  The biggest stage.  That’s what playing quarterback is all about.”
  14. Environment – “He (Mark Bulger) played great when he had the right guys around him.  When he didn’t he struggled.  It’s the same for most of us.” – Warner 
  15. Opportunity – “Players get a window of opportunity.  Quarterbacks, specifically, usually get one.” – Drew Henson
  16. Intelligence – “He was smarter than everyone.  He studied day and night.” – Greg Harden
  17. Work Ethic – “Nobody works harder than Tom Brady.” – Carr

“Obviously the evaluation process is not perfect.” – Wynn in a massive understatement.  Utilize the 17 principles listed above and see if you begin adding better talent to your team.

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