5 Uncommon Sense Lessons From Guy Kawasaki’s New Book “Enchantment”

The following are excerpts of a recent review of Guy Kawasaki’s new book Enchantment written by Fast Company’s Shawn Parr.  These are great thoughts that all leaders should take time to process.  To read Shawn’s full review, click here.

  • “People are organic, fluid and emotional, while companies are structural, rational and linear…”
  • Oftentimes they do so without a balance and appreciation for the human side of business: people and relationships between people. While there’s extreme pressure to deliver practical results, people crave inspiring guidance to grow as individuals and connect with the people they work with and the customers they serve. If people grow, companies grow. If people connect, relationships are formed and magic can happen.
  • Guy Kawasaki’s new book, Enchantment, shares an approach to building relationships in meaningful and purposeful ways. He explores the tools needed in business to build purposeful, passionate and practical relationships to transform results. He lays out very clear examples of how to apply the learning in practical steps to launch a product, purpose or cause…
  • In today’s process-hungry world, complexity and over complication seem to govern the way most organizations operate. I believe the biggest opportunities can be realized, and the most complex challenges can be solved by using a powerful combination of simplicity, common sense and determination. This lens of Uncommon Sense is what Guy used to teach what are, in my opinion, the most important lessons contained in Enchantment:
  1. Make business personal. Invest time to connect with the people you work with.
  2. Manage your audience’s expectations. Whether it’s your boss or your wife, understand what people want.
  3. Plan and prepare. Design what success looks like before you start.
  4. Be an amazing story teller. Make the stories you tell interesting, relevant and memorable.
  5. Be you. Above all else be authentic, passionate and engaged.

Leaders, above all else, be you.

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