12 Leadership Quotes And Prinicples From LeBron James And The Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are the Eastern Conference champions and the odds-on favorite to become NBA champions.  The following is a chronological look at leadership quotes from members of the team throughout their play-off journey.

For anyone looking to build a championship culture, these insights are invaluable.

April 11th Sporting News

Unselfishness – “For me, just finding a way to be effective and contribute has been what I have focused on.  Not just about my shots but on finding ways to do everything to help this team win.” – Chris Bosh

Adaptability – “We’ve been able to adapt.  And, again it doesn’t really have to do with any of that, but more our activity, our disposition, our energy.” – Erik Spoelstra

May 10th Sports Illustrated

Toughness – “LeBron has heard more booing than any human being alive.  With the scrutiny and hate, playing on the road for them is not hard anymore.” – Doc Rivers

Feedback – “It’s not a bed of roses with me and D-Wade and C.B.  We get on each other when we feel like we’re not doing our job.  It’s just constructive criticism that we need.” – James

May 30th Sports Illustrated 

Depth – “He’s (Udonis Haslem) the heartbeat of our team.  Our team is that much better with U.D. being back.” – Wade

Sacrifice – “That’s rare (James and Wade taking less money so the Heat could sign Haslem) in today’s society, because you have guys that don’t even know me and make a sacrifice like that in order for me to be part of this team…Usually athletes get criticized for being selfish; lo and behold we got criticized for being unselfish.” – Haslem

Process – “It’s taken a while for guys to feel comfortable and confident in their role, while at the same time being able to read a game.  The next game somebody else might be called upon to be aggressive, based upon how it’s going.” – Spoelstra

Passion – “Last time we won, I had champagne in my eye – that’s why I teared up.  This time I’m going to actually cry.” – Haslem 

May 27th USA Today – The day after winning the Eastern Conference 

Performance Personality – “It’s the mentality you have to have.  This is how Miami Heat basketball was invented, and we’re trying to make sure we out and play that way.” – Wade

Struggle – “Nothing from our season has been easy at all.  That is not even in our vocabulary.” – James

Resiliency – “There hasn’t been too much this season that’s been normal for us.  This team has built up a lot of resiliency.” – Spoelstra

Unity – “Defense, staying together.  We’ve been in this situation before.” – James

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