7 Ways To Know You Are A Leader That People Admire

Do people simply tolerate your leadership or do they admire you?  I don’t think anyone wants to be tolerated.  At a certain level, we would all rather be admired.  But how does that happen? Is it people skills?  Or accomplishment?  Or team building?  Or knowledge?  What is the secret to being admired?

A recent survey in the June 20th edition of Sporting News revealed the seven most admired coaches in college football.  The following is a list of these men as well as comments about why they are so admired:

  1. Consistency – “Overall consistency of the program,” was said about Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz.  Admirable leaders are reliable and give their teams security.
  2. Loyalty – Both Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald and Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy are “guys tied to their alma maters.”  Admirable leaders are “company men”.
  3. Sacrifice – In addition to loyalty, Fitzgerald and Gundy both have a “passion not only for their schools but also for the kids that they coach.  They would do anything they could for the benefit of the kids in their program.”   Admirable leaders put their team’s interests ahead of their own.
  4. Results – Penn State’s Joe Paterno is the winningest coach in college football history.  It was said about him “longevity, good person, and his winning percentage (.747).  He does it the right way.”  Admirable leaders win.  Nothing more needs to said.
  5. No Excuses – TCU’s Gary Patterson “wins with class and does it without the facilities and budgets of (his) peer group.”  Admirable leaders always find a way.  Leaders who complain or are constantly making excuses lose influence. 
  6. Priorities – Boise State’s  Chris Peterson is very successful and a coach with many options.  However, he “doesn’t leave for the money.”  Admirable leaders are driven by a need to improve the quality of human life and not just personal financial gain.
  7. Teacher – Alabama’s Nick Saban is “a great teacher whose philosophy is consistent and successful at all levels.”  Admirable leaders equip their teams with everything they need to reach their full potential.

Consistency, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Results, No Excuses, Priorities, Teacher.  If you have these seven qualities, you are most likely a leader that is admired by those you serve.  How are you doing?

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