22 Leadership Quotes From Brad Lomenick’s Interview With Worship Leader Chris Tomlin

In the most recent Catalyst monthly newsletter, Brad Lomenick had a great interview with the best worship leader alive, Passion City Church’s Chris Tomlin

During the conversation, Chris discussed many items including church planting, songwriting, and the relationship between pastors and worship leaders.

The following are the quotes that all leaders can learn from.  Enjoy!

  1. “We’re trying to navigate who’s in our church…Who’s at the core.”
  2. “The church is not a physical building.  The church is people.”
  3. “It’s (leading worship) serious business because you’re dealing with people.”
  4. I’m trying to write the songs for the church.  I’m not trying to write the next radio hit.”
  5. “From cribs to the end of life we want one central theme in this church, the glory of Jesus Christ.”
  6. It’s the greatest mystery I’ve ever known.” – Paul McCartney on song writing.
  7. “At the end of the day I am trying to write a response to God.”
  8. “He (Louie Giglio) started building me up and believing in me, mentoring me…Everyone needs someone who believes in you.”
  9. The poorer you are, the richer in faith.”
  10. “The biggest thing in planting a church is to listen…listen more than you talk…Leading with humility.”
  11. God gives different people different influence at different times.”
  12. What is going to change the world is a few.  The few people will live and die for it.”
  13. “When you’re becoming a band mate, you’re hiring a friend more than a musician.”
  14. Hire your friends first.” – Brad Lomenick
  15. Anyone who does leadership, it’s so tough because you make decisions that affect a lot of people…Anyone who has a sense of care and compassion carries that.”
  16. “It’s good that the pastor does not see the worship time as a warm-up for his message.”
  17. “He (Giglio) is completely engaged with us.”
  18. “When you get done (with your worship set), it’s not a time to sit in the green room.”
  19. Louie makes edits to what I’m thinking all the time.”
  20. “At the end of the day, the pastor is the lead worshiper of the church…As a musician you have to put yourself under that.”
  21. You’re not going to change the church past where the pastor thinks it ought to go.”
  22. “Will you give me simple songs God that people can sing?”

Pastors and artists, does Chris’s comments give you insights on how to better work together?

For more resources on the leadership of Chris Tomlin and Passion City Church, check out these resources:

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5 Responses to “22 Leadership Quotes From Brad Lomenick’s Interview With Worship Leader Chris Tomlin”

  1. Great incite for leaders and worship leaders. Thanks Brian for sharing this. I love the line, “God gives different people different influence at different times.” Profound!


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