Crawford Loritts

I am privileged to attend Fellowship Bible Church ( where Dr. Crawford Loritts serves as Senior Pastor.  The following is a list of his amazing quotes!  Also, check out his radio program at

  • You can always tell the nature of a person by what makes them walk away from commitments.”
  • There is no higher compliment than to hear someone tell you “You are an authentically loving person”.
  • Uncertain in love means uncertain in life.
  • Love-starved people do destructive things.
  • Don’t define your Christianity based on dsyfunction around you.
  • Don’t define your ability by presuppositions of your past.
  • We obey into feelings.  We don’t feel into obedience.
  • Our lives give legitimacy to the gospel messasge.  We do not privatize our Christianity.
  • Authentic love causes us to forget about ourselves. 
  • Jealousy is the fertile soil where hate flourishes. 
  • Too often Christianity runs parallel with our lives.  We need to avoid accomodation and be fully committed.
  • For the follower of Christ, there is nothing permanent here.  Nothing requires our heart’s attachment.  Living for Heaven gives meaning here.
  • Living the Christian life should provide an alternative to the watching world.
  • Where you are going (Heaven) determines present priorities and behavior.
  • There is a difference between Acceptance and Acceptability.  Acceptance requires grace.  Acceptability requires permission.
  • A non-Christian sinning is a creature sinning against its creator.  A Christian sinning is a child sinning against your father.
  • “One of the chief roles of fathers is to lead & protect.  You have to keep your family focused on the right targets.”
  • “My most challenging responsibility is husband and father. Each day I set precedent and equip my children for a time we cannot see.”
  • “I have come to realize that leadership is fundamentally about direction and intent.”
  • “You can choose your decisions but you can’t choose your consequences.”
  • Confidence is determined by our memory, not the current scoreboard of our life. Remember what God has done for you in the past.”
  • “Have you ever met someone famous who then surprised you by being so disarming, warm, and interested in you? You’ll find that with Jesus.” – my personal favorite
  • “A real test of leadership is how you handle privilege. Do you use it to help others or help yourself?”
  • “True greatness, and I emphasize the word ‘True’, is not achieved. It only finds noble people.”
  • A fool is one who refuses to live and behave in light of what he knows is right and becomes a willing slave of his impulses.”
  • Maturity is appreciating a diet that doesn’t always taste good.”
  • “There is nothing worse than visionless Christianity. We must overcome the struggles that take place in valleys in monotony.”
  • “Without a father in the home, there is rudderless thinking.”
  • “Those who focus on heaven get the world. Those who focus on the world get neither.”
  •  “There is a big difference between exposure and experience.”
  • “The level of a man’s performance is greatly affected by the amount of confidence his wife has in him.”
  • “The fundamental role of leadership is adjusting people’s attitudes and they view themselves and how they view their tasks.”
  • “Don’t write people off. Maturity is changing a relationship without losing it.”
  • “The question is never how many seeds are in an apple, but rather how many apples are in a seed.”
  • “Proof of a relationship with Jesus Christ is not a past prayer but rather the reality of present fruit.”
  • “Whether you’re a male or a female, we are all drawn to the heroism of love because we all want to be cared for.”

6 Responses to “Crawford Loritts”

  1. I Truly like Christ CHRIST

  2. What a great site and informative posts, I will add back link – bookmark this site?

  3. This article really made me think deeply, that’s a rarity for me LOL.

  4. This was a razor sharp viewpoint.

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