NBA Game 7 Leadership Quotes

It takes heart, uncanny strength and energy. – Kevin Garnett

2 titles mean you’re elite. – Jon Barry refering to the Celtics Big Three

Be an agitator, not a retaliator. – Doc Rivers

6 games of history influence the 7th game. – Michael Wilbon

If you come out of your skin, you’re out of character.  However, if you increase your activity but stay in character you will win…Manage the magnitude of the moment. – Phil Jackson

Worry about the process of a Game 7, not the result. – Jon Barry

Recognize there are four other guys out there with you…Little things is the difference between winning and losing. – Derek Fisher’s message to the younger players.

Kobe is playing for a statue in front of the Staples Center. – Magic Johnson

Game 7s are about effort adjustment. – Jeff Van Gundy

The Lakers are at their best when Kobe gets help.  The Celtics are at their best when Pierce gets help from the team leaders. – Mark Jackson

After the 1st quarter it was noted that in these play-offs, teams were 61-18 and 6-0 in this series when they won the initial quarter.  Note – you never have to recover from a good start.

If Kobe loses, his legacy is intact (Magic), it’s the Laker-Celtic legacy that is affected.  It’s not about titles, he is one of the greats (Barry).

Post Game

“We understand how bad the city wanted it.  This is the sweetest one.” – Kobe Bryant on The Staples Center platform.

“What’s my personal feelings?  I’ve got one more than Shaq.” – Kobe Bryant post-game interview

“We believed we could win.  We just didn’t know how…Winning a 5th title means I can now have dinner with Magic.”

“Every series needs important role players to make key plays at critical time…Celtics went to isolation to much.” – Tim Legler


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