50 People Who Constantly RT And Forward Material

June was the best month for traffic in this site’s history.  For anything significant to be accomplished, it takes a team of people.  Social media is no exception.  The following 50 people were extremely proactive in RT’ing and telling others about this site.

I want to spotlight them for several reasons:

  1. To Say “Thank You!” – We all hope to have our posts read by as many people as possible.  However, this one is a little different.  As long as these 50 individuals read this and I know how much I appreciate them, that would be good enough for me.
  2. They Can Encourage You – These 50 people get it.  They understand the value of content and how to share it.  When they RT something, they are saying, “This is good and others need to hear it.”  What a great compliment.
  3. They Recognize Quality Content – I want to help you get your message out.  By connecting you to others, it becomes more possible.  Now they don’t RT items for no reason.  Make sure your ideas are creative, unique, and add value to others.  If they are, these individuals will pass it along to their spheres of influence.
  4. I Want To Increase Their Influence And Your’s – One of my hopes is that the readers of this post will follow these individuals.  They provide quality material and most are experts in their field.  Also, many, if not all, will follow you back.    

With that being said, the following are 50 links to Twitter accounts that can increase your influence:

  1. joesangl
  2. ThomasMcDaniels
  3. ServingStrong
  4. RonEdmondson
  5. robcizek
  6. NYC_CoachO
  7. Dr_Zimmerman
  8. prophets
  9. coguninc
  10. ChristianRun
  11. kriseldridge1
  12. niglesiasg
  13. Sermonspice  
  14. SalesLeaderTodd
  15. JimmyLarche
  16. GreenSkyDeb
  17. ikereighard
  18. RUInstitute
  19. Lyn_Smith
  20. jakesledge
  21. dzajchowski
If I missed anyone this month, you have my apologies and I will spotlight you in the future.  If you know of any additional people on Twitter who share quality content, please let us know.
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12 Minutes A Day That Can Change A Leader’s Life

Are you searching for the missing link or silver bullet that could unlock the creativity or new ideas that could take your organization to higher levels?  Ron Alexander, author of Wise Mind, Open Mind, may have found the answer.

Alexander has a therapy and coaching practice that works with creative clients such as Disney.  He asks his clients to dedicate 12-20 minutes daily for what he calls meditation.  I call it solitude or quiet time.  Alexander tells Fast Company magazine, “Your awareness and consciousness become really toned.  This is an excellent strategy for becoming successful in your profession, as well as the bigger game of transforming yourself and the people who work with and for you.”

He goes on to add, “Some studies show that people …gain as much as 10 IQ points.  What that seems to indicate is that it works on the ability to screen out irrelevant information, to clear out the mind of distractions, and to focus intently on relevant stimuli, which frees up resources to solve problems.”

Since reading the article, I have set aside 12 minutes per day to think about the subject of leadership. I keep a pen and notepad close by to capture thoughts.  Here is some of the things I am thinking about:

  1. How is the practice of leadership changing?
  2. What are the new trends?
  3. How has raising capital changed at local churches?
  4. What does a culture of generosity look like and how do you create it?
  5.  How do wealthy people think?
  6. What will the American church look like in 5-10 years?  Going to 20 years is simply an exercise in intellectual mismanagement.  Thinking 5-10 years out allows me to begin developing systems to assist churches in preparing for their near futures.
  7. How can I help my own church fulfill its mission and vision?
  8. What are NextGen leaders focused on?  What is important to them?  How can I help them?
  9. How can I best build relationships and utilize social media to positively influence others and bring solutions?
  10. What is unique about how leaders interact with each other?  How do you better lead leaders?
  11. How do I get better leading teams?
  12. How do you continually inspire people once they have heard all your speeches?
  13. How do I keep marriage fresh and interesting after 20 years?
  14. How do you lead teenage girls so that will one day marry the “right guy”?
  15. Does God want me thinking about leadership so much?

That is my list and what I am thinking on currently.  I can tell you that I “feel” like my mind is sharper.  I “feel” like I have a larger capacity for good thinking. Re-directing 12 minutes per day has made me go to another level.

What is important to you?  Are you looking for a way to improve and get better in your chosen profession?  Are you willing to set aside 12 minutes per day to think about your area of discipline?  If so, 12 minutes a day could make you a better leader than you ever dreamed possible.

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Auburn Head Football Coach Gene Chizik Is All In At A Local Book Signing


On Thursday, July 7th national champion Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik came to my hometown of Kennesaw, GA to sign copies of his new book All In at Lifeway Christian Store.  I was unable to attend personally because of job responsibilities.  However, I asked my wonderful wife Sonya if she would purchase the book and get Coach Chizik to autograph it.  I think because Lifeway is located at the mall, she agreed to go.

What happened next has many applications for anyone in leadership.  The following are the key learnings from the experience:

  1. Great Leaders Can Draw Great Crowds – Sonya arrived 30 minutes prior to the 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm signing.  By that time, a very large mall parking lot was already full.
  2. People Proudly Display The Colors For Things They Have Passion For – Most of the cars were sporting Auburn flags, car tags, and other parafernalia.  Would a complete stranger know what you are passionate about just by looking at your life?
  3. People Line Up To Meet Great Leaders – Tickets were distributed so that an orderly line could be formed to meet Coach Chizik.  Though she was 30 minutes early, my wife’s number was 194!  It was going to be a long wait.
  4. People Are Polite And Patient For Something Worth Waiting For – We stand in a lot of lines and sit in a lot of traffic in north Atlanta.  My wife made note of how nice everyone was as they waited for Coach Chizik.
  5. Sometimes You Don’t Know A Great Leader When You See One – My wife doesn’t know Gene Chizik from Gene Hackman.  As the signing was about to begin, a policeman walked by.  Sonya was thinking that he is there fo crowd control.  Then a man in an extremely nice suit walked within feet of her.  As Coach Chizik began to acknowledge the cheers of the crowd, Sonya discovered who he was.
  6. Successful College Coaches Are Treated Like gods – As Coach Chizik walked by the crowd to get to the signing table, people began cheering and doing the “War Eagle” chant.
  7. Everyone Loves A Winner – The reception Coach Chizik received at Lifeway is certainly different from the one received when he was named Auburn’s head coach.  For those of you who don’t know, he was booed at the airport when got off the plane after being named head coach.  What a difference a national championship makes!
  8. No Matter What You Do, You Can’t Please Everyone – My daughter was also standing in line at the store.  She was completely unimpressed and couldn’t wait to go to the make-up store afterwards. 
  9. Great Leaders Have Great People Skills – My wife noted how nice Chizik was to everyone in the line.  He made eye contact and didn’t sign the books very quickly.  He made the experience as special as he possibly could for the thousands in attendance.
  10. People Will Go Anywhere When It’s Worth It – As I mentioned, Lifeway is a Christian book store.  We don’t know people’s hearts but it appeared many in the crowd were unchurched.  It didn’t matter because Gene Chizik was in that store.  Church leaders, make what is happening in your church worth coming in for and people will respond in much the same manner.
  11. Family Is What Matters Most – I’m so grateful for a wife and daughter who would stand in line with the passionate Auburn faithful to get me a signed copy of Coach Chizik’s book.  They are the best!

Pastors and business leaders, what can you apply from experience? 

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Ladies, How To Get Your Husbands To Do Anything You Want

“Forget it!  I’ll just do it myself!”  As a husband, I hear those seven words more than I would like to admit.  But the good news is that I’m not alone.  From what I hear, those words are repeated by wives all over the world.  The passivity of men is a global, systemic epidimec.

So what’s a hard-working women to do?  I have an a suggestion for improving spousal performance that doesn’t require you doing what you think you have to do.

Fast Company magazine states in their June edition that 30 million ties were sold in America last year.  However, approximately 25% of those were sold leading up to Father’s Day.  Here’s where it starts to get interesting for frustrated wives – men do not like having to wear ties.

However, Sandy Corsillo, co-founder of the fabric tie company Hill-Side, says, “When a guy wears a tie and gets a compliment, he’s 16 times more likely to buy another tie within a year.”  The lesson –  husbands respond very favorably to compliments from their wives.

Men are a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That’s because a man’s performance is directly tied to his wife’s level of confidence in him.  If you treat your husband like the man you want him to be, often he will live up to and exceed those expectations.  So compliment him early in the day and often.

  1. If your husband starts a diet, immediately tell him he looks like he’s lost weight.  Even if he just had a big piece of pie.
  2. If you need help in the kitchen, tell him how great tasting the food is that he prepares.  Even if he burns water.
  3. If you need something fixed, tell him what a great handyman he is.  Even if he can’t work a hammer.
  4. If you want to cuddle, tell him how romatic he is.  Even if he is clueless.
  5. If you want him to show spiritual leadership, tell him what a great man of character he is.  Even is he can’t find his Bible.
  • Is this coercion?  I say it’s instilling confidence.
  • Is this lying?  I say it’s great leadership.
  • Is this misleading?  I say it’s a mistake not to lead you husbands this way.

Don’t confuse activity with accomplishment.  But of course, I’m a man.

So ladies, if you haven’t attempted the “Compliment Strategy” yet, I recommend you give it a try.  I think you’ll enjoy the results.

Well, I have to go now.  My wife just said she was tired of asking me to take out the trash as she’s carrying two bags to the garbage cans herself!  Oops.

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Pastors And Church Leaders, Is Your Church Distinguishable In The City You Live?

Baseball is at its half-way point of the season and parity has set in.  Scoring is at 20 and 30 year lows in the National and American Leagues respectively.  All but a few teams are still in the race.

Tom Verducci in the July 4th edition of Sports Illustrated says, “There are no dominant teams capable of pulling away from the pack, but an abundance of thoroughly decent, if indistinguishable, teams that can hang around the pennant race.”  Parity has brought what Verducci calls “the sacrifice of greatness.”

When I read Verducci’s column,I thought of the dozens of churches I drive past in the southeastern United States that are completely indistinguishable.  I have never known anyone who goes to those churches.  Their buildings and grounds haven’t changed in years though the communities around them have changed dramatically.  They have never made their presence known in the community that I’m aware of.

Instead of being vibrant, life-giving organisms that restore human dignity and relieve suffering,  they have become almost hidden in the background of our communities.  To the unchurched world, they are like the wallpaper in our homes that we no longer notice.  There is no discernible difference between these churches and the local Ace Hardware (which Home Depot has made obsolete), the family owned gas stations (which QT has made obsolete), or your local Kentucky Fried Chicken (which Chick-Fil-A has made obsolete).  It is merely a picture of generation gone-by.

There is no emotion concerning these churches by the thousands who drive by them each day.  Merely polite apathy.  Churches shouldn’t want apathy.  They should want to be distinguishable and impact their communities.  They should want greatness! 

With that in mind, the following are a five easy, but necessary steps that any church can begin taking this week to change its perception:

  1. Care about what your city cares about.  For example, if your city is having a summer festival, have a booth and give away food. 
  2. Open your building and parking to your community – at no cost!
  3. Pick a school and serve the teachers breakfast at least once a week. 
  4. Whatever you do well as a church, be the best church in your community at those one or two things and don’t worry about the rest of your programs. 
  5. Use your website and church sign to tell people why they should visit your church this weekend.  What is the sermon about and stop the cute sayings!   

These are five steps any church can begin doing today to become distinguishable.  You no longer have to sacrifice greatness.

Pastors and church leaders, what are some practical things your church has done to impact its community?

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14 Quotes And Principles On The Leadership Of Jack Welch Part 2

The following is Part 2 of CNBC’s Titans series recapping their profile of General Electric CEO Jack Welch.  To read Part 1, click here.

  1. “Jack is a master of the hand-written note.” – Matt Lauer
  2. “Another things great CEOs do is they, with their limited time and presence they get personally involved in ways that are symbolic and they send a message.  Jack was very famous for diving down into the details and asking people questions and getting involved in nitty, gritty stuff.” – Michael Porter 
  3. “A little fear never hurt.”
  4. “You want your people to totally buy-in to what you’re doing.  You don’t want them to be frightened of you.  You don’t want any of that.  You want them to be constantly coming in with ideas and open.” 
  5. “To me, a conversation with Jack is more of an interrogation than a conversation.” – Tim Newnan
  6. I made choices, but the choices were choices I wanted to make.”
  7. I did what I wanted to do.”
  8. What brings you joy today? – “My wife. I’ve got a great wife and I’m madly in love.  I am excited everyday for our kids, my kids.”
  9. “I lived my life always exactly as I wanted to.  I’m not going to do anything differently.”
  10. “He’s always been special to me.” – Robert Nardelli
  11. “I think his legacy will be a guy that was a visionary.  A guy that was imminently practical.  And a person who insisted on getting things done.” – Larry Bossidy
  12. “He was a tough love coach but he was a coach.” – Steve Kerr
  13. “Got to look at his legacy as what he created and a style of management.  A style that said embrace the people around you, and show them they are important to you and they will do anything for you in return.” – Mat Lauer
  14. When asked what are your regrets, Welch replies, “Regrets?  How can I have regrets?…I’m the luckiest man alive.”

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19 Quotes And Prinicples On The Leadership Of Jack Welch Part 1

CNBC’s Titans profiles the world’s greatest business leaders and is the finest program of its type on television.  Recently, they featured the iconic former General Electric CEO Jack Welch The following is the first part of a series that captures the leadership quotes and principles from the man called “Manager of the Century” by Fortune magazine. 

  1. When asked who is Jack Welch, he responds “tough-minded, most would say ‘fair’, candid, hopefully fun.”
  2. “I’m the same person I was when I started.”
  3. She (my mother) would causely drive me, and whack me when I did something stupid.”
  4. “You survived (sports) based upon how good you are.”
  5. Only winners deserve trophies on the green and off.”
  6. “He’s had an innate sense that he acts like he’s right all the time but he knows he not.” – Bob Wright
  7. I like my life and I like to play hard and I like to work hard.”
  8. “He had a great vision for the company and I shard in that vision so it was an easy partnership.” – Larry Bossidy
  9. “But the General Electric strategy in management will be to be #1 in everything we do.” – Welch in 1981  
  10. “We were ahead of our time.  When IBM and other companies laid off armies 10 years later, it was well accepted at that time to get leaner.  We were the first one and we were making money.  We had to compete against global competitors and we had to win.  Or else we are going to go down the drain.”
  11. “We  got all those businesses (from the purchase of RCA in 1985) and then we end up after sold everything, we got NBC for free.”
  12. Your test as a leader is to deal with whatever hand you’ve been dealt.”
  13. People have to lead.  They got to know how to build great teams. They go to know how to give candid appraisals.  They got to know how to communicate.”
  14. A leader focuses on shaping tomorrow.  There is little or nothing you can do about yesterday.  Learn from it but don’t waste a moment on it.  Get on with tomorrow. “
  15. “He built people up.  He took great pride in bringing people along.” – Matt Lauer
  16. “There’s a gene of good managers and leaders.  And that gene is a generosity gene.  You LOVE to give raises to good stars.  It’s a turn-on to call them in, give them money, and give them a promotion.  It’s a big deal.”
  17. “If you think he’s got that much of a vested interest in your well-being and success, aren’t you going to work a lot harder for that guy.  You’ll do anything.  You’ll follow him into the fires of hell just because he’s made you feel special.” – Laue
  18. “There was a heightened sense about performance.  Jack is very driven, has a special way of creating collegiate competitiveness.” – Robert Nardelli
  19. “What people didn’t recognize early in his career that they did late in his career is he is compassionate and caring.  Nobody could work a room as well as Jack.” – Nardelli

Check back tomorrow for Part 2.  To read comments from wife Suzy Welch along with other great business leaders, click 50 John Maxwell, Seth Godin, and Dave Ramsey Leadership Quotes From The Chick-Fil-A Leadercast.

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