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How To Build A Champion Part 2

As promised, the following are the second list of ten excerpts from Christopher Price’s book The Blueprint on how the New England Patriots built the NFL’s team of the decade.  To read Part 1, click here.  These lessons are applicable to any organization. “Scott (Pioli) is very detailed.  He knows how to build a consensus in […]

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How To Build A Champion Part 1

The New England Patriots were the NFL’s team of the decade.  In Christopher Price’s book The Blueprint he uncovers the architectural design of the team that has become the standard for how to construct a NFL franchise.  Regardless of your profession, these principles are transferable to building your organization.  Some of Price’s many findings from the 2000 and 2001 […]

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My Top 20 NFL Storylines And Predictions

A collective smile has come across the faces of sports fans everywhere as the NFL training camps are beginning.  The Dallas Cowboys were the first to open and their ongoing soap opera debuted a new actor named Dez Bryant.  The fun has began. The following are my top 20 storylines and predictions for the upcoming year.  No great leadership principles here.  Just sheer fun. New York Jets – Rex Ryan’s bunch have the […]

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