The Leadership Tribe

This page exists as a forum for leaders from all walks of life to tell their story.  Tell us your success stories, your failures, your hopes, your fears, and what makes you tick as a leader.  In addition, promote what your doing in the area of leadership.  Tell us about your blog, books you’ve written, and how people can connect with you.  And by all means, communicate and learn from other leaders.

27 Responses to “The Leadership Tribe”

  1. Thanks for sharing Brian Dodd On Leadership | The Leadership Tribe with us keep update bro love your article about Brian Dodd On Leadership | The Leadership Tribe .

  2. Hello, I first want to say that this is a great site; I’ve enjoyed reading the various insights on leadership and personal development. This blog is truly a great resource.

    I also wanted to suggest another website that has an extremely positive and important message for men, husbands, and fathers. The site is: and it discusses what it truly means to be a “real man” amidst the pressures and mixed messages of our society today.

  3. I came across you yesterday and I would like to thank you for sharing what has been on my heart and issues we all face in Leadership.

    God bless you real good.

  4. Thanks for your comments on Tressel. It is so refreshing to hear a Christian perspective on this subject. We need to pray for leaders in all aspects of our society. We need to pray that God will sustain them and keep them through adversity. Kudos!

  5. Brian,

    Great post about Tressel. My answer to hiring him is maybe. I would need to talk with him personally on a few items.

    First, like you, I would need a sense of repentance for obvious misteps.

    Second, I would want to hear what he learned from the process.

    Third, (and this is more on the football side) I am life-long OSU fan, but an area I have always been frustrated with is the seemingly inability to break the mentality of the two-yards and a cloud of dust approach that OSU is known for. Tressel is somewhat known for his conservative play calling to a fault. At times, I felt it left what should have been inferior teams around too long, allowing them to gain confidence and stick around a game where a team could pull of an upset.

    On a few occasions, teams that were equal in stature were able to pull off upsets and steal Rose Bowl births, and even National Titles. While I dislike the running up of the score against opponents like the Big 12 was notorious for. With the way the BCS and computer ranks teams a coach must no longer just beat another team, if he is going to out rank another team is has to beat the competitor with an overwhelming margin.

    I don’t think Tressel woke-up, or stood in front of the team in the locker room saying, “Today, we want to keep the game close, and be satisfied with a win.” The BCS has changed the whole game. It is not just about wins (Example. Boise St, Auburn, etc). To be the best requires more than just winning. There are other factors that come into play: Strength of schedule, Point Deferential, the biased opinions of coaches and writers, etc. The statement of, “Just win baby” isn’t completely true.

    But if the situation at my school, and if these issues were addressed to my satisfaction, he would be at the top of my list. GO BUCKS!!!

    • Rodney,

      It’s so good t hear from you. I hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks for your comments. Also, I love your facebook posts. Very insightful and provokes a lot of thought.

      Take care my friend,

  6. I was raised by Christian parents and my father was a Lutheran minister. He was also a former Marine. He was extremely strict with me and gave me no positive encouragement. I grew up in rough neighborhoods and never did well academically in school.

    I had a learning disability in reading and speech and I had to repeat the 3rd grade. I could say I’ve had a lifetime of negative experiences.

    I find it some what unique that you call this portion of your blog leadership tribe. During my summer years in college I sold bibles and educational books door to door and one of the things we did was have weekly sales meetings.

    During these meetings we would create “trybes” (not sure of spelling). These trybes were groups of people that would work together to help each other on generating more sales and dealing with a concept called, ‘Mr. Negative’.

    I can say that throughout my life all I saw was negative factors that kept me from succeeding. As an example of some of my failures, I claim to hold the world record of most lost jobs, have been homeless have a dozen times, lived off my son and daughter’s life insurance policies, twice divorced, lived out of my car, never held a job longer than 4 years, etc.

    I can say that when I wrote my last book,
    “Power Up Yourself”, I had to look at the negative circumstances in my life as journey in positive enrichment.

    During my time instructing leadership courses for example, I was considered the ‘Rock Teacher’. This is the term NCO’s used for training soldiers who had learning problems, we called them, “Rocks”.

    I was training soldiers who had learning disorders to pass the required subjects so they could get promoted. I was extremely successful in helping them pass their tests.

    So, even though I have a negative experience with my own learning disorder, with the help of God, I was able to help soldiers pass their required subjects so they could get promoted.

    Please send visitors to my blog.

    Thanks so much

    Jon Ledin

  7. Brian, thanks for having this space here to give us an opportunity. Its a great chance for us to be able to share and gain wisdom from other leaders in different communities. I appreciate what you do.

    I’m a fairly new blogger who has just picked up the role of men’s ministry leader. While I have been in many leadership roles in my life, from being an Eagle Scout to serving as Senior Medical Sergeant for Alpha Company 326 Engineers in Iraq, this is one of the most intimidating.

    As a guy who has served in many different jobs throughout my life, I never saw myself in a role in the Church. Guess that may be why God has called me to it. I started Hardcore Christian Men at in mid-march after feeling like I needed to take a step in the right direction. A month later we have had close to 2000 views and I’m just blown away. My team has increased to 4 and the ministry shows no signs of slowing down.

    Hardcore Christian Men is about recapturing the masculine spirit in Christian Men. By this I mean setting aside the “Christian Nice Guy” stereotype that is the soft and sensitive weakling and replacing it with the powerful, assertive leader that Jesus was. This is who we should be like, not some image cooked up by society in the last few centuries.

    You asked to share failures as well as success, so here’s my big failure on this front, This is the third blog I have started in just over 2 years. The other two never had more than 100 views (ever). I was running those solo, with no other guys on my team, trying to be the one in the spotlight. Now I realize that was foolish and I have made an effort to shift the spotlight to God and the rest of my team. I may do the majority of the writing, but it’s God and my team that keep me going. Their work is what keeps us afloat.

    If you’ve got questions or just want to drop a line, find me on twitter @PaulSingleton or @HardcoreCM or shoot me an email at
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Check out Hardcore Christian Men at

  8. Awesome, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am glad I found this blog!

  9. I would wish to thank you for that efforts you’ve produced in writing this post. I am hoping the exact same very best operate from you in the potential as well. Actually your creative writing skills has inspired me to start my personal BlogEngine blog now.

  10. Brian,

    Leadership Tribe is an awesome idea. Thanks for the platform. Over at you’ll find my site about Finances, Family, Faith and Leadership. Here’s my info from the “About Van” page:

    I’m Van Baird. Husband, Daddy, Redeemed. I get really excited when you ask me about Jesus, my family, South Carolina Gamecock football, financial planning and flat screen televisions. You can find me out and about spending time with my family, hanging out with my Small Group of High School guys from Browns Bridge Church, on the sidelines of a West Forsyth High School football game, or helping folks discover what their financial future looks like.

    I have been in the Financial Services world since 1999. Currently I am going through the process of becoming a State Farm agent. Our office will be opening in July of 2011 in the Suwanee, GA area. It is a privilege to be able to take people off of this treadmill called life long enough to encourage them to discover what they want to accomplish personally, professionally and financially.

    My Bride and smokin’ hot wife Wendy and I have been married since 1993. We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters that remind me every day about what unconditional love is. They give me a glimpse into how our creator must feel about His children. We spend a lot of time as a family creating memories and planning for new ones.

    • Van,

      Thanks for your kinds words and insights. Leadership Tribe is getting double-digit hits daily so hopefully you will get an opportunity to help many people. Also, congrats on what Spurrier is building at the “real” USC.


      • Brian,

        The pain of the end of the last season is still too fresh for me to comment on Gamecock football yet.

        You’re site has meant so much to me that I’ve added a link to it from mine. Thanks for all you do and for being a useable tool in God’s toolbox.


  11. Brian – enjoy reading your comments. Hope you enjoy our Blog -http://positiveleadershiplimited.blogspot.comRegards

  12. these is fantastic to learn that as a leader,commitment is vital in even small things.thanks alot .

  13. Fantastic job right here. I truly enjoyed what you had to say. Keep going because you absolutely bring a new voice to this subject. Not many people would say what youve said and still make it interesting. Properly, at least Im interested. Cant wait to see a lot more of this from you.

  14. Love this list of quotes! I am working with a group of young leaders right now and this is very timely!

    The quote: The toughest person to lead is yourself, is a great place to start with young leaders because it is a reality they need to be aware of and commit to the process!

    Thanks, Brian!

  15. Appreciate your thoughts about leaders’ legacies. My favourite is “When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, we did it ourselves.” Being remembered is not as important as empowering others. Ta, wordbone

  16. Brian, my story with began when, after 2 years trying to build a coaching business called Progressmax, I finally gave up. I told God I was going to put the business development books under the bed and just coach for the love of coaching.

    That was November 2007. That same month, God began leading me (I guess He just needed my complete surrender and undivided attention). He reminded me of the years of service He’s led me in; that I married a preacher’s kid; and that I’d gone through my own struggle with depression. He told me to change the business name to Serving Strong. He told me to target ministry leaders. He told me to help in any way I could so that ministry leaders could successfully navigate beyond burnout in ministry.

    Since then, God has been leading and guiding. I’m doing things and reaching people I never dreamed. And I don’t mind sharing this story because it’s not really MINE, it’s GOD’S story.

    Thanks for the opportunity to do a bit of bragging on God.

  17. I would like to recommend Pastor David Loveless from Discovery Church, Orlando, FL.
    His blog address is
    I would also like to recommend the Willow Creek Association blog
    As leaders of the WCA in South Africa we benefit hugely from these blogs as do the 500 church leaders in SA with whom we share leadership principles and teachings from across the globe.
    I will be recommending to our member church leaders that they follow your blog too!
    I only found you today so I have wading through your blogs from last year and have found some great content which I would love to use in our WCA newsletter which is sent to our member churches. I will confirm this as and when we would like to use your material.
    Thanks for your great blogs and I look forward to receiving your next one.

    • Janine,

      Thank you for your kind words. My life has dramatically been impacted by Willow Creek Community Church and Bill Hybels. I’ve been there several times for conferences and have come back each time with my worldview expanded. It would be an honor to have my posts add value to church leaders in South Africa. If there is anything additional I can do to help, please let me know.

      Brian Dodd

  18. I want to tell you about a new blogger who I think is rising star in the leadership world. If you are part of a high-growth environment, check out Richard is a great friend, creative thinker, and provides a blog that is relevant and practicle.

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