Archive | April, 2010

Why You Choose Character Over Talent

This past NFL draft will forever be known as the “Character Draft”. One of the on-going decisions leaders in sports and life make is do you take a person whose is a potential character-risk even though they have great talent? You want both but if you had to choose, would you choose talent and potential? […]

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20 Thoughts at the Conclusion of the NFL Draft

The following are 20 thoughts that I have at the conclusion of this year’s NFL Draft. GMs do not want to draft a QB for “the next guy”. As a result, if they don’t think the QB is ready at this moment, they will continually slide down in the draft. I am still stunned by […]

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20 Thoughts On Day 1 Of The NFL Draft

The following is a list of thoughts that I have after Day 1 of the NFL Draft.1. I love the multiple day approach. The extra excitement that is created from trade opportunities and the re-setting of draft boards is palpable. Also, I am looking for a number of veteran players to be traded today.2. The […]

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